Review: Elizabeth Rose ‘Intra’


Elizabeth Rose’s debut album has dropped and boy oh boy is she one to watch. The blossoming RNB-cross-electronic-cross-fucking-awesome artist from Sydney has released ‘Intra‘ and it’s absolutely sick. With help from Grammy Award-winning US producer Jimmy Douglas and John Davis at Metropolis London you can’t go wrong.

You probably have heard the first release from the album ‘Shoulda Coulda Woulda’ on the radio. I really like it but I’ve heard it so many times and the song is pretty repetitive so I was starting to get a bit over it. I do like it though, but I reckon that she has some waaaay better tracks on the album that I can’t wait for everyones ears to be blessed by. I knew OF Elizabeth Rose but had never really looked into depth about who she is as a person and artist. Now that I have, not only am I extremely impressed but also a little in love.

Besides the fact that she is gorgeous looking and her smile seems to just radiate light and happiness, there are two things that make me really appreciate and genuinely respect her as an artist. Firstly, for each song she creates, she begins with the music rather than the lyrics. I reckon that rocks because it’s the beat that creates the whole journey, the style, and the experience. Secondly, when she talks into interviews and she seems so incredibly lovely. She’s witty and nice, and it’s clear as day that she is absolutely dedicated to her music.

The songs are really diverse too. Sometimes you can find that artists may not really evolve or develop throughout their music career into their own sound, into something that represents who they are and what they believe in. I know this chicky has great morals and a sweet outlook on life, as she pours her soul into her songs. This album really tells a story and you can tell that she has put in 110% to bring it to where it is today. Heck, 200%.

If you’re an Alpine or Little Dragon fan I reckon you would definitely dig her vibes. Chuck in a bit of Missy Elliott inspo there as well. Or just anyone who appreciates a decent artist who genuinely expresses feelings towards the important things in life. And when I say important, she doesn’t just have fluffy lyrics about love (not that songs about love are always fluffy) or just fit words with the beat. Her songs are real talk. Marriage equality, gun violence, relationships, trust and anxiety are issues that she is game to tackle in her very listenable tunes.

Something about her really reminds me of Banks. Both women seem so powerful and driven by music to create something unique. I saw Banks live at Laneway Festival last year and she absolutely OWNED the stage, I can’t speak highly enough of her stage presence.

Speaking of which, if you have a suss of their eyes and cheekbones there’s a few physical similarities… is it just me?


She’s won countless awards now and all for good reason. She’s already had seven singles and two EPs, where her self-titled EP hit #1 on iTunes Electronic Charts in Australia.


She first graced our lives with her musical presence in 2012, where straight away she was named one of ’20 Aussie Indie Bands to Watch in 2012’ by Radar Music and was selected for Triple J’s ‘Next Crop’ list.

Her vocal range astounds me too. There’s one song in particular that I’m not ashamed to admit to have played continuously for the last week. I can’t get sick of it. Can’t say the same for anyone who drives in my car with me necessarily, but what can ya do! Wicked artists such as Chrome SparksSeekae’s George Nicholas, and M-Phazes are all featured too which makes for a real good time. Have you heard ‘I didn’t believe’ by Flight Facilities? Well she features in it and was at Splendour in the Grasswith them last year, so you might have witnessed the funky clothes she wears on stage. Wish my memory wasn’t so faded from that day… whoops…

She’s making a real statement and I love it. I should, could and would see her live and I reckon you would want to too. I have no shadow of doubt that this lady is going  to go far. Her debut album came out 4th March 2016 on Midnight Feature via Inertia.

Check it out when you get the chance.

AND last (but not least) if you want to see her play live, well you can!
Check out the tour dates below:

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