Review: Darq E Freaker ‘ADHD’


If you like strobe lights and heavy trance synths, then you’ve come to the right place. South London music producer Darq E Freaker has just released an urban electronic EP called ‘ADHD’, and it’s a real mix bag of lollies. Not in the sense that there’s some bites you like and some you don’t, but rather there’s a mix of colours and tastes all thrown together to produce something really fresh and idiosyncratic.

He throws everything into the mixing pot – heavy base, 80’s games motifs, insane percussion, unexpected drops and more. It’s a real roller coaster. He’s worked with some pretty decent artists too, such as Danny BrownTempa T and Afrikan Boy, so you might have heard of him before if you’re into electronic music. In the game since 2012, he’s been fusing grime, electronica and hip hop, whilst spinning it his own way. He’s also been killing it in the hairstyle game, as I sure couldn’t pull off either bright green or yellow hair.

Freaker’s passion drives him to pour his creativity into a techni-colourful form of rave music that’s different to ever before. “The timeliness of this music isn’t so important; the main thing is that it’s RAVE music. I’m trying to fuse RAVE… with grime/hip-hop groovers, drops, drum patterns & baselines,” he said. “This project isn’t solely me; it’s me pushing some of the musical influence of my adolescence into my adulthood. It’s nostalgic in the most progressive way.”

To be honest, I don’t think I actually know what’s going on here, but I like it. It kind of gives me a headache, but I could see myself doing some very illegal shapes on the dance floor to these tunes. Those girls that shuffle while wearing those white light up kicks would froth on this for sure. I feel like it’s one of those albums you listen to on the couch with your friends while you eat some cheeky brownies or something. Real tripping out music. But don’t get me wrong here, illegal substances are not required to enjoy.
Don’t do drugs kids!!!


If you still have no idea what Mr Freaker is on about, just have a suss of his album artwork. It looks exactly like the dictionary’s definition of ‘psychedelic’ – relating to or denoting drugs (especially LSD) that produce hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness. It’s swirly, it’s colourful, and it looks like a melted rainbow Paddle Pop. Yum. Anyway, I need to stop before I start talking about how in primary school I hid my collection of sticks under a plant while I tried to get matching ones so I could win that trip to Queensland (did anyone else do this??).


I don’t know much about ADHD, except that it stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, ADHD disrupts a brain circuit that filters out excess sensory information, like background noise, so it’s hard for the brain to really focus. Man does this relate to the EP. Nothing is filtered and everything is happening at the same time. I tried listening to ‘2C-I’ while writing this but I couldn’t focus whatsoever. If I was to interpret the word ‘hyperactive’ through music, Freaker’s beats hit the nail on the head.

In little bits, or for a real bump n’ grind/shuffle in the nightclub situation it rocks, but for normal listening it does hurt my brain. Would recommend checking it out though, so have a suss as it was released April 1st 2016.

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